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Kenmont Primary School

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Brackenbury, Kenmont and Wendell Park

Governing Board

Governing Board

Kenmont's governing body is made up of:

Executive Head teacher

The head teacher always sits on a school’s governing body.

Name: Mr David Collins
Type of Governor: Executive Head teacher
Appointment Date: 1/10/2021

Committee Membership: Curriculum and Finance
Positions of Responsibility: Executive Head teacher

Local Authority Governors

Appointed by the LA from the political parties and/or the community.

Name: Mr Joshua Scott
Type of Governor: LA 
Appointment Date: 02/12/2020 – 01/12/2024
Committee Membership: Finance & Curriculum
Positions of Responsibility: Health & Safety, Data Protection Link

Co-Opted Governors

Appointed by other governors, from the local community, for the skills and experience they can bring to the governing body.

Name: Ms Wendi Webber
Type of Governor: Co-Opted
Appointment Date: 30/10/2022 – 30/10/2026
Committee Membership: Curriculum & Finance
Positions of Responsibility: Chair of Governors, Safeguarding Link Governor

 Name: Sharon Tobutt
Type of Governor: Co-Opted
Appointment Date: 14/09/2022-13/09/2026
Committee Membership: Curriculum and Finance
Positions of Responsibility: Vice Chair of Governors

Name: Eleanor Martlew
Type of Governor: Co-Opted
Appointment Date: 14/09/2020-13/09/2024

Committee Membership: Finance & Curriculum
Positions of Responsibility: Early Years Link

 Name: David Fricker
Type of Governor: Co-Opted
Appointment Date: 12/10/2022-11/10/2026

Committee Membership: Finance & Curriculum

Vacancy x3

Parent Governors

Parent governors are elected by parents at the school.

Name: Alastair Ross 
Type of Governor: Parent
Appointment Date: 26/01/2022-25/01/2026
Committee Membership: Curriculum and Finance 

Vacancy x1

Staff Governors

Elected by staff at the school.

Name: Jeszelle Panayi
Type of Governor: Staff Governor
Appointment Date: 05/09/22 -04/09/2026

Committee Membership: Curriculum and Finance
Details of any declarations made: Teacher at Kenmont Primary School


Governing Board Membership and Appointing Bodies

Further information about the board's membership, including the appointing body and dates of apporintment can be viewed on Kenmont's Get Information About Schools Governance page

The governing body’s role is to:

  • influence any long-term goals and vision for the school
  • set aims and objectives for the school
  • set policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • set targets by which progress towards those aims and objectives can be measured
  • review and monitor progress in achieving the aims and objectives
  • work with the headteacher to ensure that teaching is effective and of good quality and that children achieve the highest possible standards
  • take general responsibility for the school and its budget
  • act as “critical friend” to the school and headteacher, offering support, advice, a second opinion and help, and also challenging, asking questions and offering constructive feedback
  • promote the interests of the school and its pupils in the community

So what do individual governors actually do?

Governors attend a meeting of the full governing body at least once per term.

In addition, governors sit on at least one committee. Committees also meet at least once per term.

At Kenmont, our two main committees are the Finance, Personnel and Premises Committee, and the Curriculum and the Community Committee

Governors often make visits to the school, attend school events and may accompany staff and pupils on outings

Governors assist the headteacher in appointing staff. Governors take the lead in appointing the headteacher

Governors attend training courses to develop their effectiveness in the role

Can you help?

The governing body may also appoint Associate Members to enhance the experience or expertise of a committee(s).

Associate Members can attend full governing body meetings but have no voting rights.

If you feel you have skills or experience that could assist the governing body in carrying out its duties, or if you’d like to contact a governor for any other reason, please let the school office know and an informal conversation can be arranged with the headteacher and/or other governors.

And if you want to help in other ways the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meets regularly, focusing mainly on fundraising for the school.

So please get involved – your school needs you!

Terms of Reference and Instrument of Governance

Please click below to access the terms of reference, committee structure and register of interests.

Kenmont Instrument of Government

Declarations of Interest

Governor Declarations of Interest 




Governor Attendance and Changes Information   2021/22

 The above document can be downloaded here

Kenmont Meetings Attendance and Governor Membership changes summary Academic year 2021-2022


Governor Attendance Information 2020/21 Academic Year