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Kenmont Primary School

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Brackenbury, Kenmont and Wendell Park



Music at Kenmont

At Kenmont we ustilise the services of a Specialst Music teacher to teach our children music lessons.  

Defining Characteristics/ Priorities (in addition to the National Curriculum for Music)

  • Music curriculum delivered by “Music Specialist teachers with expert knowledge of the subject."
  • Diverse in its representation of music ideas, cultures and peoples.
  • To raise all students to an exceptionally high level of engagement in musical creativity. 
  • Inclusive teaching methods / structures delivered to all pupils in all activities. “The creative process, with its wide horizons of possibility, gives pupils an opportunity to contribute to musical culture in unique and valuable ways”
  • Through following the National Curriculum for Music, Ofsted guidance and other contemporary thinking, our curriculum is constantly improving itself and adapting to society to insure our education provided is most relevant and in dialogue with our society.

Framework and Schemes of Learning

In accordance with the National Curriculum for Music, we have divided the Curriculum into 3 Strands of Learning (subject areas) which ensure full coverage of knowledge and skills from EYFS to Year 6.

  • Composition and Listening
  • Singing Repertoire
  • Musicianship

Progression of Skills and Knowledge 

Music progression of skills and knowledge  document details how our curriculum builds pupils knowledge and skills over their time at the school.

Music Skills and Knowledge Progression

Music Long Term Plan

Music Long Term Plan