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Religious Education

Religious Education

RE at Kenmont

Our Religious Education (RE) provision at Kenmont Primary School aims to offer a rich and broad curriculum through enquiry. Our intent is to enable children to develop an understanding and appreciation for the expression of beliefs and cultural practices, including their own. We aim to provide opportunities for children to acquire positive attitudes and relate their learning to their own experiences while understanding the significance of RE in the world we live in. RE is taught throughout the school in a way that reflects our ethos and values. We intend for children to understand what it means to be a member of a diverse society and appreciate a range of religions and views.

At Kenmont we follow the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham’s Religious Education Curriculum (Living Difference III). The following religions have been selected for study:

• Buddhism
• Christianity
• Hinduism
• Humanism
• Islam
• Judaism
• Sikhism

All year groups from Year 1 to Year 6 will partake in a half-termly RE Week. Throughout the week, pupils will follow a cycle of enquiry. In Key Stage 1, children will explore key concepts common to all people (A concepts). In Key Stage 2, students will explore concepts and views in more depth. They will explore concepts shared by all people as well as those shared by many religions (B concepts) and concepts distinctive to specific religions (C concepts).

A range of approaches are implemented to deliver RE, such as:

• Class discussions
• Group Activities
• Role play
• Trips
• Visitors

Assessment for learning opportunities are built into each stage of the enquiry. Children will reflect and complete activities in class floor books and independent journals (Key Stage 2).

We are a diverse community which seeks to highlight and observe many international days, festivals and celebrations across the academic year.

Children will have a better understanding of religions that exist within the UK and how to work alongside each other in line with both Kenmont’s and British Values. Commonalities will be highlighted and celebrated to create a harmonious school community. Pupils will develop the vocabulary needed for correct and respectful opinions of other views and cultures. Pupils will be able to build their sense of identity, uniqueness and belonging. Children at Kenmont will be inquisitive, respectful, tolerant and understanding to those around them.

The impact of the RE provision at Kenmont will be measured by teacher assessments.


Progression of Skills and Knowledge

Religious Education progression of skills and knowledge document details how out curriculum builds pupils knowledge and skills over their time at the school.

RE Skills and Knowledge Progression

RE Long Term Plan

RE Long Term Plan